SMU MBA Solved Assignments 2012

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SMU MBA Solved Assignments 2012

Dear Friends,

Here are the links for Assignments of Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) MBA program for Spring/February 2012.

SMU- MBA Semester 1st:

Soon we will upload remaining assignments for SMU- MBA 2nd, 3rd, and final semester.

Also we are going to upload SOLVED Assignments for SMU MBA for all the semester.

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MBA - MB0043 Assignment Feb 2012

MBA - MB0043 1st Semester Assignment, Spring / Feb 2012

MB0043 –Human Resource Management

Assignment Set- 1 

Q1. Explain the need for human resource planning.

Q2. What are the objectives of job evaluation?

Q3. Why is it important to handle grievances carefully?

Q4. How can we evaluate the effectiveness of training programs conducted in organizations?

Q5. What are the objectives of human relations?

Q6. Assume yourself as an HR Manager. You have been given the responsibility of promoting the rightful employees. For this, performance appraisal of the employees must be carried out. What appraisal method would you choose? Justify.

Assignment Set- 2

Q1. State the major career development activities found in organizations.

Q2. What are the major problems faced in benefits management?

Q3. What are the factors that impact recruitment in organizations?

Q4. Explain the general procedures followed in the case of a disciplinary action.

Q5. Trace out the growth of Human Resource Management in India.

Q6. Assume yourself as an HR Manager of a publishing house. You find that the morale of the employees is generally low. What steps would you take to improve employee morale?

MBA - MB0042 Assignment Feb 2012

MBA - MB0042 1st Semester Assignment, Spring / Feb 2012

MB0042 – Managerial Economics

Assignment Set- 1

1. Define Managerial Economics and explain its main characteristics.

2. State and explain the law of demand.

3. What is Demand Forecasting? Explain in brief various methods of forecasting demand.

4. Define the term equilibrium. Explain the changes in market equilibrium and effects of shifts in supply and demand.

5. Explain features of LAC curve with a diagram.

6. Explain cost output relationship with reference to
   a. Total fixed cost and output
   b. Total variable cost and output
   c. .Total cost and output

Assignment Set- 2

1. Explain the relationship between revenue concepts and price elasticity of demand.

2. Explain the emergence of Consumers’ surplus with their practical application.

3. What is Monetary policy? Explain the general objectives of monetary policy.

4. What is a business cycle ? Describe the different phases of a business cycle.

5. What is inflation? Explain the causes of inflation.

6. Write short notes on the following:
   a. Monopoly
   b. Oligopoly

MBA - MB0041 Assignment Feb 2012

MBA - MB0041 1st Semester Assignment, Spring / Feb 2012

MB0041 –Financial and Management Accounting

Assignment Set- 1 

Note: Each Question carries 10 marks. Answer all the questions.
Q1. The Balanced Score Card is a framework for integrating measures derived from strategy. Take an Indian company which has adopted balance score card successfully and explain how it had derived benefits out of this framework.

Q2. What is DuPont analysis? Explain all the ratios involved in this analysis. Your answer should be supported with the chart.

Q3. Accounting Principles are the rules based on which accounting takes place and these rules are universally accepted. Explain the principles of materiality and principles of full disclosure. Explain why these two principles are contradicting each other. Your answer should be substantiated with relevant examples.

Q4. Explain any two types of errors that are disclosed by trial balance with examples and rectification entry.
Note - Avoid giving examples given in the self- learning material.

Q5. Distinguish between financial accounting and management accounting

Q6. XYZ Ltd provides the following informati

                                 January 1      December 31
 Sundry Debtors              65,000      1,05,000
 Cash in hand                  13,000         20,000
 Cash at Bank                 15,000         20,000
 Bills Receivable              16,000         30,000
 Inventory                        90,000         84,000
 Bills Payables                 12,000           8,000
 Outstanding expenses      6,000            5,000
 Sundry Creditors            30,000        58,000
 Bank Overdraft              30,000        42,000
 Short term Loans            32,000        36,000

Prepare a schedule of changes in working capital
Hint: Net Working capital: Jan 1st 89000 and Dec31st 110000

Assignment Set- 2 

Q1. Illustration 1: Compute the cash flow from operating activities
Profit and Loss Account

   To                                                                                                     By
 Cost of goods sold          4,00,000     Sales including cash
                                                                sales 1,00,000                 5,00,000
 Office expenses                 12,000     Profit on sale of land                 30,000
 Selling expenses                   8,000      Interest on investment              20,000
 Depreciation                        6,000
 Loss on sale of plant            4,000
 Goodwill written off             3,000
 Income tax                          7,000
 Net Profit                       1,10,000 
                                       5,50,000                                                   5,50,000

                    Balance Sheet as on ………. 
                                                                         MARCH 31
                                   2006                                      2007
 Stock                         30,000                                    28,000
 Debtors                      15,000                                    12,000
 Bills Receivable            6,000                                      8,000
 Creditors                    10,000                                    12,000
 Bills Payable                 8,000                                      5,000
 Outstanding expenses   4,000                                      5,000 

Hint: Net cash from operating activities= 76000
Q2. The following extract refers to a commodity for the half year ending 31st March 2008. Prepare a cost statement.
Purchase of
raw materials                      1, 20,000          Direct wages              1, 00,000
Rent, rate, insurance
and Works expenses              40,000          Opening stock
                                                                  Raw materials                20,000
                                                                  Finished goods 
                                                                   (1000 units)                 16,000
Work in progress:                                       Closing stock:
opening                               4, 800              raw material               22, 240
closing                              16, 000              F. Goods (2,000 tons)      
Carriage inwards              1, 440                  Sale of finished goods   3, 00,000
Cost of factory                  8,000 

Advertising, discounts allowed and selling costs Re.1 per ton sold. Production during the year is 16,000 tons. Prepare a cost sheet.
Hint: Total cost or cost of sales= 255000
Profit= 45000
Sales= 300000

Q3. Avon garments Ltd manufactures readymade garments and uses its cut-pieces of cloth to manufacture dolls. The following statement of cost has been prepared.

 Particulars              Readymade           Dolls          Total
 Direct material          80,000               6,000            86,000
 Direct labour            13,000               1,200            14,200
 Variable overheads     17,000               2,800            19,800
 Fixed overheads        24,000               3,000            27,000
 Total cost              1,34,000              13,000          1,47,000
 Sales                     1,70,000              12,000          1,82,000
 Profit (loss)              36,000              (1,000)           35,000

The cut-pieces used in dolls have a scrap value of Rs 1,000 if sold in the market. As there is a loss of Rs. 1,000 in the manufacturing of dolls, it is suggested to discontinue their manufacture. Advise the management.
Hint : Total cost=Readymade garments 134000; Doll= 13000 and total=147000

Q4. Describe the essential features of budgetary control.

Q5. Briefly describe labor mix variance and yield variance.

Q6. How is standard costing related to budgetary control?

MBA - MB0040 Assignment Feb 2012

MBA - MB0040 1st Semester Assignment, Spring / Feb 2012

MB0040 – Statistics for Management

Assignment Set- 1 

Note: Each question carries 10 Marks. Answer all the questions.

Q1. What are the functions of Statistics? Distinguish between Primary data and Secondary data.

Q2. Draw a histogram for the following distribution:
        Age                  No. of people
        0-10                    5
        10-20                  10
        20-30                  15
        30-40                  8
        40-50                  2

Q3. Find the median value of the following set of values: 45, 32, 31, 46, 40, 28, 27, 37, 36, 41.

Q4. Calculate the standard deviation of the following data:
        Marks             No. of students
        78-80                     3
        80-82                     15
        82-84                     26
        84-86                     23
        86-88                     9
        88-90                     4

Q5. An unbiased coin is tossed six times. What is the probability that the tosses will result in: (i) exactly two heads and (ii) at least five heads.

Q6. Explain briefly the types of sampling



Assignment Set- 2

Q1. Explain the following terms with respect to Statistics: (i) Sample, (ii) Variable, (iii) Population.

Q2. What are the types of classification of data?

Q3. Find the 
            (i) arithmetic mean and 
            (ii) range of the following data: 15, 17, 22, 21, 19, 26, 20.

Q4. Suppose two houses in a thousand catch fire in a year and there are 2000 houses in a village. 
      What is the probability that:  
      (i) none of the houses catch fire and 
      (ii) At least one house catch fire?

Q5. (i) What are the characteristics of Chi-square test?
       (ii) The data given in the below table shows the production in three shifts and the number of defective goods that turned out in three weeks. Test at 5% level of significance whether the weeks and shifts are independent.
     Shift      1st Week      2nd Week      3rd Week      Total
     I              15                     5                    20             40
     II             20                    10                   20            50
     III            25                    15                   20            60
     Total        60                    30                   60            150

Q6. Find Karl Pearson’s correlation co-efficient for the data given in the below table:

            X      20       16       12       8       4
            Y      22       14       4       12      8

MBA - MB0039 Assignment Feb 2012

MBA - MB0039 1st Semester Assignment, Spring / Feb 2012

MB0039 -  Business Communication

Assignment Set- 1

Q1. List the importance of effective communication in the workplace

Q2. Explain the different aspects of non-verbal communication

Q3. Write short notes on (a) Upward communication (b) Downward communication (c) Horizontal communication

Q4. Explain the different barriers to listening .List the differences between discriminative listening and comprehension listening

Q5. Discuss the principles of business writing

Q6. Explain the advantages of oral communication with the help of suitable example.

Assignment Set- 2 

Q1. List the differences between extensive reading and intensive reading

Q2. Explain the different advantages and disadvantages of intranet.

Q3. List the different principles of business letter writing.

Q4. Write short notes on (a) corporate identity advertising (b) institutional advertising

Q5. Discuss the different types of business reports

Q6. List the different steps involved in report preparation


MBA - MB0038 Assignment Feb 2012

MBA - MB0038 1st Semester Assignment, Spring / Feb 2012

MB0038 –Management Process and Organizational Behaviour

Assignment Set- 1

Note: Each Question carries 10 marks. Answer all the questions.

Q1. State the characteristics of management.

Q2. What are the 14 principles of management of Henri Fayol?

Q3. Distinguish between internal and external forces of change.

Q4. Define emotional intelligence. Explain Goleman’s model of emotional intelligence.

Q5. Explain the different leadership styles as per Managerial – Leadership Grid Theory.

Q6. Mr. Suresh Kumar is the VP- HR of a leading Financial services company. He is having a meeting with Ms. Rejani Chandran leading HR consultant. Mr. Suresh is concerned about creating an environment that helps in increasing the job satisfaction amongst employees. Assume that you are Ms. Rejani, the HR consultant. What suggestions you will give to Mr. Suresh, for creating an environment that increases job satisfaction?

Assignment Set- 2

Q1. Explain sensitivity training.

Q2. Describe the bases of power.

Q3. What are the hindrances that we face in perception?

Q4. What are the consequences of conflict in organizations?

Q5. Explain the four processes of Social Learning Theory.

Q6. Ms.Chanchal Das Gupta is a recruitment specialist. For the post of QC Manager, she interviews three candidates.
Given below are the physical characteristics of the candidates.

Candidate                      Physical Characteristics
Mr.Ravi                   Muscular, thick skin, rectangular shaped.
Mr.Gineesh              Thin, delicate build,large brain, tall.
Mr.Ramgopal          Soft, round shaped, underdeveloped muscles.

From the above descriptions, what personality traits can Ms. Chanchal derive out of the candidates as per Sheldon’s theory of personality?